The game of fox and hens

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From a truth that has been lost in the mists of time, the time is slayer of hens kept in coops country or mountain.

From this natural relationship we have developed a strategy game in which for the first time the chickens, thanks to their cunning, they can get the better of times and win the game.


The pieces are arranged as in the diagram alongside. Hens win the game when, after the smart moves, manage to complete the picture (chicken coop) with nine pieces. To remove the chicken, the fox should be able to skip or disposed next to it and skip going to occupy the space behind her, following the lines marked on the game board.

The times in succession can eat more chickens and is forced to eat the pawns, under penalty of dismissal of the fox. The times can move freely in all directions, while the chickens can go to the chicken coop or horizontally, but never back. Only inside the house can move freely.

The game takes place alternately. When times can eat a chicken, he is entitled to another move. A skilled player can win a few moves in imprisoning the two foxes so do not leave them any move.

If you are interested in the game, do not hesitate to contact me.