The queen of the Alps and Mocheni valley is the goat.  In the past they were always present.  Also very well known in old sayings like "those children jump around like little goats".  The goat belongs to the hooved animal family, mammals which are characterized by their hooves.  Male goats differ from females, nicknamed "becco" and is known for his big horns.  The female has smaller ears and smaller horns (not always present).


The articles I make are made piece by piece, in each piece I try to express the animals wild nature.  The wood used is old-antique, I try to use wood parts particularly coloured, with many knots, veins and corrosion made by temperature, sun, rain and wind, therefore obtaining a unique object, unable to be copied.  Each piece of wood includes a piece of spirit from the mountain where it was found.  The eyes are mostly made of laburnum wood smoothed and shaped each separately.  The construction of the face gives this animal great fierceness.  Its exaggerated prosperous legs and large hooves complete the object.

The composition of this animal can be different.  It is possible to have one goat, either male for female, or it is possible to ask for combined compositons for example: male and female with little ones.

It is also possible to personalize your object depending on who it is for.  Everyones interpretation and fantasy can produce new characters.