andreaI think of wood as a living thing to treat with respect and skill to get from each piece the best it can give.

For my people wood was the prime matter in every day life, in construction, making tools/appliances, furniture and for everything and anything that can be made with wood. Working with wood has been my childhood dream, I was born around wood, I grew up around wood and when I was able to I finally made my dream come true.

The knowledge of the characeristics and aptitudes of every material and the experiece of knowing the right piece of wood for aparticular job is an antique knowing that has been lost over time.  I never wanted this antique art to be lost and with this spirit and energy I created 6 years ago, my laboratory at Fierozzo/Vlarotz in my beautiful valley of Fersina/Bersntol.

I chose this name because it joins two elements which are my works foundation: BARBEL is my family name, who gave me the basis, understanding and ART is for the art I try to potray in each piece of wood.  In each creation I try to combine tradition and art to give a new life to the wood I am working with.



My creations are a combination of the use of recycled wood, transformed using traditional work techniques.  Coverings are done with traditional 'schintln' ,  wooden tiles, pieces of larch or fir-wood which were once used for all roof-tops.

Nails and nail like objects are made from laburnam, oak or walnut tree wood.

An antique process is used  alot to make wardrobes and cupboads in the Bersntol area.  My starting point for this process came from 'milchkUstn' - cupboards which many years ago were used as 'fridges' on balconies of many mountain homes.  They were made with twined hazlenut wood placed on a frame.  This permitted good air passage through the cupboards which kept an optimal temperature.

Wooden poles for fences are made with laburnum, acacia or chestnut wood.  The wood I prefer is larch.

Depending on the uses or personal requests I also use: red fir-wood, pine, laburnum, walnut, white fir-wood, acacia and oak.