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These manufactured articles are made by transforming various types of pieces of wood, which once finished are placed and assembled on branches.  Every article is unique and the choice of wood, varing in colour and type permits us to have an excellent result. Very important are the eyes (made with laburnum wood) which need to…
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The queen of the Alps and Mocheni valley is the goat.  In the past they were always present.  Also very well known in old sayings like "those children jump around like little goats".  The goat belongs to the hooved animal family, mammals which are characterized by their hooves.  Male goats differ from females, nicknamed "becco"…
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Following my great success with the owl, I'd like to present my new creation for 2014, loved by big and small - the CAT.  The cat is made with larch, oak, pine and labrunum. Labrunum wood as per previous works is used for the making of the eyes. The rest of the animal is made…
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