These manufactured articles are made by transforming various types of pieces of wood, which once finished are placed and assembled on branches.  Every article is unique and the choice of wood, varing in colour and type permits us to have an excellent result.

Very important are the eyes (made with laburnum wood) which need to be smoothed and carved one at a time.

The owl was my first creation and it is particularly special to me. I produce a great variety of these, using recycled wood, for example, roots and parts of trees found in the forest.

This part of my work seems the easiest but in fact it is the most complexed: to find the right wood for my creations it is necessary to have the right tools:  chainsaw, pannier, file, petrol, water etc... After getting the tools together (and a few sandwiches) I head for the high mountains, where the trees have been uprooted from avalanches.  After finding the right piece of wood it is time to head home.  The next step is dedicated to cleaning the wood, then passing onto the process of smoothing the part which will be hung on the wall.

In time, using the above same technique I produced other animals like the goat and the cat.